Evanescent: The Peruvian Lines

Despite their ancient origins, the time seems to have little effect on those famous lines in the Peruvian Nazca desert. The reason being – they are in a dry and isolated area with little changes in the environment. However, it has been observed recently, that some lines began deteriorating due to an influx of squatters living in the area!





Author: Little Explorer

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14 thoughts on “Evanescent: The Peruvian Lines”

    1. Incredible indeed! The were given UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1994. The scholars believe those large designs (up to 350 m long) were made by the Nazca people in 500 BC and seem to hold religious significance at that time… There is certainly more info on the net/books if you want to know more 🙂
      FYI – Those shots were taken from a small airplane and a boat.


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