Honk Kong – A Short And Fun-Filled Visit


Hong Kong welcomed us with a thunderstorm and a busy, but very organised airport. We arrived in Hong Kong at the end of March and stayed for 4 days as part of our Easter Holidays trip(the rest was in the sunny Philippines and part of my next post).

The city of Hong Kong, spread over several islands and archipelagos is ever growing and expanding upwards, as well as on reclaimed land. The morning paper reminded me that we are in the city with most expensive property market in the world. While it can be fun to be a tourist here, I doubt a long-term daily life would be enjoyable, due to space limitations and overcrowding.

A family visit to Ocean Park was a fun way to see Hong Kong. The park is pretty impressive as it is build below, into and over a hill with multiple attractions and restaurants. The views from its 360 degree tower were stunning…







And the views from the cable cars going down the park…





The park has lovely gardens, as well…





Another family, fun filled visit was that to Honk Kong Disneyland. That is a rather smaller park with a planned expansion(phase 2) in the near future. While the attractions were fun, the queuing times are close to an hour, which can put people off. That one is close to the airport, where we stayed the night before our next flight to the Philippines.

The night show over the business district which starts at 8 pm every day was another way to see Honk Kong at night. We had a room with a harbour view, which allowed us to enjoy part of the show from our room and take some photos…




And the view in the morning looks like this….



The traffic in Hong Kong can be bad at times and currently there are projects underway to build flyovers connecting the main islands with the airport and mainland too. The taxi driver was very proud that he lives in the city of Hong Kong and pleased with the way the city is run… Good to hear and till next time! Smile


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