Exploring Denmark – Scandinavian Culture and Nature

Aarhus – Horsens – Billund – Fanø – Odense – Roskilde – Helsingør – Copenhagen


This time we had one week for our mini road trip across Denmark. We hired a car from Aarhus airport and drove down to Horsens (to see some old friends) and to spend some days exploring the area. It was pouring rain all day and the weather was expected to be similar the whole week (this later proved partially true allowing us actually to enjoy the trip :)). We’ve been to Aarhus before and exploring it was not part of this trip. However, things worth doing/seeing here include a visit to Old Town of Aarhus, Moesgaard Museum, Viking festivals and celebrations throughout the year.

The next day we headed to Fanø island (via small ferry service). A beautiful place in the Wadden Sea, having a long stretch of sandy beach with low/high tides makes it perfect for tourism, kite/ buggy surfing. We loved the walk in the sandbank at low tide, where one can see exposed various shells, as well as birds feeding on them. One could also see seals sunbathing and locals/ tourists enjoying the walk. The whole place felt peaceful and somewhat real Scandinavian.

The Little Explorer

A friend recommended to visit the Fanø brewery and try some of the uniquely flavoured beers/ ales. It was really a small place where few tourists enjoying drafts of various brews in the front garden. The brews are very good indeed! They have children’s brew too – non-alcoholic 🙂

Legoland Park, Billund was another experience which was part of our trip. It is a fun place for adults and children alike, especially if you like such attractions.

In Horsens we popped in the Prison Museum, which was created post 2006, when the last inhabitant left the historical buildings. First time we ever enter a prison building, however it felt at times rather sad – looking at the exhibits of prison life. There are videos and photographs re-telling the stories of its famous prisoners and staff.

We left Jutland peninsula through the Little Belt Bridge on to Funen island, where was and still is our next destination Odense.  Among the things we saw and did include:

  • The famous writer and fairy-tale author Hans Christian Andersen’s museum and childhood home. It is a beautifully designed museum with the world famous author’s collection of stories, books and visual art.
  • The Danish railway museum – great place for children and adults interested in trains and transport.
  • Odense zoo – well organised zoo park housing large variety of animals, birds, reptiles and more. Very good place to spend time with family.
  • Stige area – Odense Fjord – nature park ideal for walks

Another famous place on Funen island is Egeskov Castle, which is pretty spectacular place to visit – lovely gardens and history.

We left Funen island through the Great Belt Fixed Link on to Zealand (the largest and most populated) island and headed straight to Roskilde. The town has a long history dating back to the Viking ages. We managed to see the Gothic styled Roskilde cathedral (where Danish royals rest in peace) and the Viking ship museum (beautiful place indeed).

We stayed with old friends near Helsingør and explored bits of the area. In town, we roamed around the famous Kronborg castle, where Shakespeare’s play Hamlet was set. Enjoyed local food and drinks, as well as visited a GP (as one of us suffered an eye infection, which got better after few days :))… Then we spent half a day in the Danish Museum of Science and Technology , which is a good place for all ages.

On our way to Copenhagen we spent few hours at Fredensborg castle grounds. It is an old castle with large, beautiful grounds and a lake, ideal for walks. There is the changing of the guards ceremony at set times.



The city of Copenhagen was busy as it should be. A guided canal tour is a good way to see its landmarks and learn about its history. The trip included bridges, cathedrals, old port, opera house, the Little Mermaid, the Royal residence, monuments and more. One can hop in and out of the boat at certain stops.



In the night, we went to Tivoli Gardens for the night light show, fairground experience and some Danish food specialties.

We enjoyed our week long adventure in Denmark and would come back again one day!

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